Michelle Annis-WattersonAfter Michelle Watterson (owner and operator of CatNap Cottages) graduated from the University, she soon found a job at an animal hospital. She found her days fulfilled soaking up knowledge and working with people to better the quality of life of beloved pets. She spent much of her time reading and educating herself on all aspects of behaviour and care, including medical.

It wasn't hard to realize that everything about cats was a passion and she was longing to help in some form of cat care. Her goal was to offer peace of mind for parents of these impressionable pets. Then along came CatNap Cottages, situated on a lovely country setting. It was a dream come true! A lovely vacation spot for the pampered feline.

Michelle spends time researching cat behaviour and all that makes a healthy cat tick. She closely studies what is needed to offer a vacation spot for felines. This has paid off already in many situations where CatNap has caught illnesses that have gone unnoticed by parents.

She is constantly surprised at the emails and phone calls she gets from her clients asking advice ranging from behavioural to even medical issues. Although she tells her clients that it is always best to consult a veterinarian, she will never turn down a conversations about cats!