CatNap Cottages is secured with an off-site security and monitoring system. The system covers all doors and windows, with testing and monitoring each time staff enter and leave our building. Our security includes a double door system for potential escapees and Plexiglas-guarded windows for unsurpassed safety.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are connected to the fire department. The fire department has done a walk through and is familiar with the layout. This will allow them to be more efficient should an emergency situation arise.

Most traditional kennels are made of steel or wood. Steel is cold and may rust and it resembles a hospital that houses ill pets. Wood can peel to cause cuts or may even be harmfully ingested and is difficult to clean. All CatNap cottages are made of Structoglas which is warm, won’t rust, scratch or peel. It is easily cleaned and non-absorbent to bacteria and viruses.

Guests must have current vaccinations, unless otherwise recommended by a veterinarian. All outdoor cats and those living with dogs must be on a veterinarian recommended flea program for a minimum of April - November. Our staff is educated in emergency preparedness. We will contact your own veterinarian in the event that your cat needs their services.

For safety reasons, we do not allow cats from different families to directly interact with each other. CatNap Cottages has strict policies and procedures to ensure safety but will cater as much as possible around what the customer wishes.