There are several options for who will care for Kitty while you are away.

Option 1. Leave Kitty Alone

Kitty doesn’t like being alone and the consequences may shock you. You may come home to the pungent smell of urine, torn up furniture and carpets. Every day household items that Kitty never bothers with in your presence may cause him serious harm. Did you know Kitty may even go on a life threatening hunger strike?

Option 2. Have Someone Checking on Kitty

What if they don’t show or get locked out of your house? Would they know what to do in an emergency? What if Kitty escapes? Cats hide illness and distress; this can go unnoticed to the untrained eye. What if you call to check in, but no one gets back to you? Worrying about Kitty doesn’t make for a relaxing vacation.

Option 3. Use a Traditional Kennel or Veterinary Clinic

Kennels and veterinary clinics do have staff trained to avoid the complications discussed above. However, be a cat for a moment and think of some of the stressors involved:

  • high traffic flow
  • unfamiliar smells and noises of other pets
  • strong vibrations of ill and injured pets
  • staff busy walking dogs, caring for ill pets, etc = limited individualized attention

Option 4. Trust a Cats-only Facility

Do your research. Some are better than others and you get what you pay for.

Following these steps will help you find that perrrfect place:

  1. Make a list of the different facilities, leaving room for notes.
  2. Visit each facility. All kennels and clinics operate their boarding facilities in different ways. Book a tour of each facility and see for yourself what they have to offer. The best testimonial of a great kennel or clinic is how you see the staff in action and how content the kitty guests are!
  3. Ask questions and make notes: Ask anything at all that concerns you. A good facility will accommodate for any reasonable request.
  4. Make an informed decision. You know you've found the place when your notes include:
    • Trained staff - a passion for their ‘work’ is obvious.
    • Emergency and safety procedures.
    • Adequate security measures.
    • Hospital grade disinfectants and strict sanitizing procedures.
    • Soft music playing 24/7.
    • Bright and airy, free of odour facilities.
    • Windows in private suites.
    • Schedules mirroring life at home.
    • Multiple level accomodations- keeping food far from toiletries.
    • Climate and humidity controlled environment with an air purification and exchange system.
    • A clean, clean and clean facility.
    • Individualized human/Kitty time in whatever way Kitty likes best.
    • Happy Kitties! (The best indication that you’ve found a great place.)
    • Evidence of monitored care.

You deserve peace of mind while you are away. Trusting CatNap Cottages ensures that your house will be in good order and Kitty will be safe, happy and healthy upon your return. Time and time again people are amazed at what we do, where other kennels fall short. We work hard so Kitty can put his paws up and relax.