CatNap Cottages is setting a new standard in service and accommodations in Ontario. We provide an inviting atmosphere were kitty is treated like an honoured guest enjoying full maid service, absolute cleanliness and personalized room service.

An Inviting Atmosphere:

  • No Dogs = less stress. Barking and unfamiliar smells of other pets is stressful.
  • Playing music is known to calm the nerves, yes, of cats too!
  • Fish tanks, perching shelves beneath large windows, scratching posts, toys... and plenty of human interaction.
  • With a window for each cottage in addition to those in the play areas, CatNap offers a bright, warm feeling for guest and parents.
  • When you enter CatNap for the first time, your reaction will be 'wow, this is so homey'. We have worked hard to break away from the typical kennel setting and really do offer our guests a home-away-from-home. See it for yourself and you be the judge!

Climate Controlled:

  • Cottages are raised from the floor and insulated to keep even furry friends warm in the winter months.
  • Central air-conditioning and curtained windows are a must during those hot summer days.

Maid Service... Cleanliness is A MUST:

  • Toiletries… What can we say, we clean as they go. Soiled litter is dumped, box cleaned and returned to the same guest. This is not only a proper sanitary procedure, it also helps to limit stress. One guest does not want to smell the business of another.
  • Our maids will draw curtains over windows and/or cottage doors for those who request the privacy.
  • CatNap Cottages uses only veterinarian approved cleaners which are safe and effective.
  • Each cottage is cleaned a minimum of twice a day for the comfort of our guests.
  • Litter boxes and cottages go through a multi-cycle cleaning process between guests. Redundant maybe, but clean, clean, clean!

Room Service:

  • Each guest will receive lov'n in the form he/she likes best. This may be snuggles, massage, head and/or belly rubs or just a visit with a friendly voice for those that are a little nervous (This turns into snuggles rather quickly though).
  • CatNap cottages will serve according to your specifications as much as possible.
  • All meals include fresh, distilled spring water - the champagne of felines.
  • Only stainless steel bowls to dine from, since plastic is not friendly to our sensitive guests!

Air Quality Controlled:

  • CatNap Cottages is equipped with a sophisticated UV filtration purification system. The air each cat breathes out is taken through our purifiers to kill 99.8% of all bacteria, viruses and debris.
  • A custom designed air exchange ventilation system ensures that fresh air is brought in and stale air is pushed out of the building. Wow!

Our Staff:

  • Extensive files are kept on each guest. From their past medical and behavioural history to current, from likes to dislikes, we take the time to get to know each guest and interact with them individually.
  • All staff are very comfortable giving medications, even for 'fractious' cats.
  • Because we accommodate for cats only, we do not find ourselves occupied by walking, bathing and caring for all the needs of dogs as many other kennels do. We have the means to tend to the special needs of your favoured feline.
  • Going That Extra Mile - Each day your cat is closely monitored. Amount of food eaten, water consumption, bowel movements, urinating habits and behaviour are all recorded. Your cats health is paramount and our staff know how to watch for signs of illness or distress.
  • CatNap follows strict moral conduct guidelines and a set of value codes in how we care for each of our guests.

So What Does All This Mean To You?

If your cat is happy, we are happy because it means you have PEACE OF MIND.